Chocolate Symphony Cocktail

The process of conducting an experiment usually requires finding an innovative approach. And we just love doing so at Zizzy Bar! Experimenting is in our blood as they say.

Creating our own cocktails and playing with different ingredients is one of our favourite things to do. You can very often find one of us mixing some odd liquids or cutting fresh herbs. In fact, herbs are very often included in our creations- especially rosemary!  This magical herb goes with pretty much every spirit and is also perfect for garnish.

What is more, we believe that bartending is not just serving drinks, it is about discovering your unique style in the world of mixology.

Inspired by St. Valentine’s Day we have decided to contribute to the romantic atmosphere of the day by offering something sweet and tasty for your special day.

This ideal blend of chocolate textures was created after a day of experimenting with different liquors and coffees. Well,  it was one of the best days for us as we all had a chance to try some delicious and very sweet drinks which kept us going.  In the end, we decided to go for liquors that are in line with the exalted spirit and we called our creation “Chocolate Symphony” – the name that says it all and it is all about chocolate here!

Here is the recipe for our own “Chocolate Symphony” Cocktail by Zizzy Bar – the perfect addition to your romantic day.


25 ml Espresso Coffee

25 ml Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur

25ml Grand Marnier Liqueur

30ml Double Cream

Drizzle of vanilla

Shake well, use the double strain and serve in a chilled martini glass. Chocolate peels are perfect for garnish, but you could also sprinkle some grounded coffee powder or even mint.

Enjoy our ” Chocolate Symphony” in the company of your loved one as it always tastes better when shared.

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