Five Reasons Why Hire Us

Zizzy Mobile Bar is a unique company bringing delicious drinks (both alcoholic and alcohol-free) and unparalleled service to a range of events across
London and East Anglia. Whether you are planning a hen party, inviting friends to a special birthday, organising a corporate event, planning a festival, or you are interested in wedding bar hire, contact us today.

Why hire Zizzy Mobile Bar?

We do everything in a style and with a unique touch. From the arrangement of the bar to the professional cocktails we leave our hearts in every detail. We guarantee that you won’t find any other mobile bar with such an individual approach to every client and event.

Our team is really hard- working and committed to ensuring that all guests at your event feel happy and relaxed. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your drink! We will be there to take care of your guests until the end of the party no matter what time you will finish- don’ worry we have had events until 4 am in the morning.

Our bespoke handmade bars are designed to suit the theme of each occasion.  They are all different in size so that we are able to make the most of the space you’ve got for us to run the bar. Also, we allow the event organisers to decorate our bars to their taste. You can put colourful lights, flowers, or anything else you want to. With our pop up bar service, you will make all your party fantasies come true!

In addition, we create customised menus to include your favourite spirits and cocktails. You can include or exclude any drinks from our menu or you can request a special edition of a spirit.

But that’s not all! Our drinks are priced reasonably. We believe that there is nothing better than getting an exceptional quality service at an affordable price. Zizzy mobile bar hire will give you a 5-star experience at prices far cheaper than those of the top catering services here in England.

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Do you still need another reason to hire us?

Well, we would like to make the time you spent reading this blog really worth it! And here is a little threat to you.

If you book with us now, you will get a FREE VINTAGE SPECIAL EDITION CHAMPAGNE – Just use #Blog4 in your email and we will make we add this to your package.

Happy Champagning with Zizzy!

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