Days are getting longer and the weather is warm enough to start planning your first outdoor party for the year. We really can’t think of anything better than a small garden party with all your friends, the smell of tasty BBQ ribs, icy cold beer in one hand and a delicious cocktail in the other? Garden parties could be a lot of fun and can also save you time and money for hiring venues and external catering.

We can help you make the perfect summer garden party for you and your friends! Just pick a date, choose a place, let us know what drinks you wish to be served and you are ready to go! We will come and do all the work for you- set up the bar, serve drinks and make cocktails and then do all the washing up and recycling. What is more, the small bar we use could fit in any garden even the one with very limited capacity. There is no minimum or a maximum number of people we require to come and serve you- it could be just 6-7 of you wanting to do something different. Also if you prefer to use plastic cups, that’s absolutely fine. We can provide those for you and won’t even charge you anything.

We have designed a special menu that will satisfy any taste in the hot weather outside. A selection of icy cold beers, refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails with glorious garnish, as well as summer spirits and mixers with fresh limes and lemons. In case you don’t like our selection, we can meet any special requirements you might have and design a custom package especially for you. To make your party even more special we can name a cocktail after you or maybe you can create your own behind the bar. Nice, eh?

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