Havana ooh na-na…

Zizzy Mobile Bar Havana Cigars

Let us introduce to you our new bespoke Havana Cigars Bar….

The smooth, delicate aromas of Hunter & Frankau cigars have long been enjoyed by smoking enthusiasts seeking good quality hand-rolled cigars at affordable prices. The company has also proved to be the market leader in the UK for distributing original cigars from Cuba. These were some of the reasons why we decided to trust their company to become our supplier. We sat down with them and created a bespoke menu with a selection of high-quality cigars.We were also advised by Hunter & Frankau that when offering such exclusive products, we need to make sure we store them in the right way.

Taking this step seriously is absolutely crucial in order to remain the quality and taste of the cigars. The right temperature and humidity are among the main things look for when storing our products. For best use, we now keep our cigars in a specially designed box stored in a cool and dry place.

The range of cigars we have on our menu now is very extensive and would easily satisfy everyone’s taste. Our Cigar Bar is a treat for real connoisseur. The list has been carefully selected to add an exclusiveness to what we already offer. What is more, our clients are now able to enjoy their preferred cigar with a single malt scotch or original French cognac such as Hennessy XO ( You can find some more information on our selection on cognacs here ). If you wish to include any other special edition drinks to your customised package, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Our Havana cigars bar comes with every bar option on request and most importantly at no extra cost. All you need to do is to state in your request that you wish to add it to your package. So go on, have a drink with a cigar!

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