How Did We Start Our Business?

Zizzy Bar Team

Zizzy Bar are a team of four young and ambitious students who set up their own company in 2015- just 10 days after Graduation. The fact that 3 of us graduated with different degrees from the University of Essex gave us a significant advantage over our competitors. We could manage our own finance, keep our accounting books up to date, design our own marketing plans, optimise our website. Zizzy Bar team especially cares about establishing good connections with our suppliers without having to hire anybody else!

The original idea of Zizzy was to be one of the first “Green Smoothie Bars ” in Colchester. However, after facing various barriers our direction changed slightly. The market research we did showed us that Essex is the area where people have the highest number of weddings per year. This immediately pointed us to the idea of establishing our own mobile bar company. And after all, everybody needs a drink when they have a special occasion, don’t they?!

And that’s how it all started…We knew from the beginning that being different will be our key to success. This is why we started with our social media presence because we knew we could do better than anyone else in the industry. Our Instagram account is what we are really proud of – ZIZZYMOBILEBAR

Our offline presence was the second thing we thought about. Printing leaflets, business cards and paying for ads in the newspaper was not our top priority as we knew the digital shift would take place very soon.  Step by step we managed to save money to buy the basic equipment we need to run the business. In order to keep costs down, we made our own handmade wooden bars. Surprisingly this turned out to be our main selling point, brides just love them!

We had to hire glassware and a minivan in order to serve at our very first wedding in Essex. None of us was sure how the logistics would work and how we were going to run the event. We all remember that night before the event when none of us couldn’t get to sleep.  Now after doing so many events we know exactly what we are doing. We don’t feel stressed anymore. Like every business we just needed some time to settle down and to start running all operations smoothly. And it didn’t take as long as we expected. After one year we managed to get off the ground and get the bookings in.

Now we really enjoy what we are doing and we deeply believe that once we have chosen a job we love, we will never have to work a day in our lives…!


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