Five Signature Drinks For The Perfect Summer Wedding

Summer loving, the weather is hot outside and all your wedding guests are having a blast. You have planned this wedding for so long and we know you it to be perfect! It wouldn’t hurt anyone to help everyone have even more fun with some liquid valour. Here are the coolest cocktails, featuring summer’s most fresh ingredients that will make everyone hit the bar and then the dance floor.











No great British celebration is complete without the classic Pimms. The easiest way to cool you down! The big punch full of fresh fruits, mint and ice has become a bit of an institution in the UK – everyone just loves it! It is also the perfect choice for reception drinks. You could still offer an alternative with a glass of prosecco on arrival if you want something traditional.

TRY SOMETHING NEW: Add a splash of elderflower syrup into the Pimms punch and taste that additional freshness.










Old, but gold! There is nothing better in the world than an icy cold Gin with Tonic ( or soda) depends on how you like it. The trend this year is to make a gin and tonic lollipops which will quench your guests’ thirst straightaway.

TRY SOMETHING NEW: Add a small piece of pink grapefruit to your classic gin & tonic instead of cucumber and see if you.











The peach Bellini or also known as the passion drink is what most ladies would go for at a wedding. It gives that twist of sweet peach pure and the fresh taste of prosecco. It makes it a great alternative to any expensive champagne drink.

TRY SOMETHING NEW: In combination to your peach classic Bellini, add some pomegranate for an, even more, delight sensation.











It is the one that will definitely make everyone come to the dance floor. Chose your preferred iced tea flavour ( peach, lemon, strawberry) and pour all ingredients into a tall glass full of ice.  Again it could work perfectly well for a reception drink as it is easy to make.

TRY SOMETHING NEW: Make it blueberry iced tea!











The citrus aperitive that everyone loves! It would be perfect if you serve on a shared platter of olives. The good thing about it is that it could be served in any glass, so don’t worry if you don’t have the special one.

TRY SOMETHING NEW:  Put some thyme on top of it to add that luxurious taste of the drink.

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