Zizzy Christmas Mobile Bar – Santa’s Little Helper

It’s getting busier and busier at the North Pole every year, getting ready for Christmas around the world! Look at Santa – he’s sitting in his workshop and his desk is piled high with paperwork. Santa’s elves are by his side, they are busily at work, checking toys, sewing on buttons, putting parts into game boxes and wrapping toys into beautiful presents. But elves are not the only ones helping Santa this year. He has carefully chosen a few special little helpers to ensure everyone is having a good time this Christmas.

Of course, at this time of year, many companies lay on Christmas parties for their employees and maybe clients as the year draws to a close. Whether you run a technology start-up or a big corporate finance business, the whole team will be relying on you to put on the corporate Christmas party to trump all corporate Christmas parties. Feeling the pressure? No need to worry. This is where Zizzy Mobile Bar, Santa’s Little Helper, comes into play. We are here to ensure you and your team have the best time (and the best drinks!) this Christmas.


Our bespoke handmade bars are designed to suit the theme of each occasion and this includes Christmas parties too. We know that our bar will be the center of your celebration, so we promise to add Christmas flair to it! Our decor may include sparkling accessories, lighted snowflakes, tiny twinkle lights and garland in your chosen colour scheme. We also know that these corporate events invariably involve some sort of dining along with dancing and drinking. Luckily, our portable bar units come in different sizes so that we are able to make the most of the space you’ve got for us to run the Christmas mobile bar.


With a team of professionals at hand, our Christmas mobile bar staff are renowned for coming up with marvelous mixtures when it comes to cocktails. We are happy to create bespoke company cocktails, providing you with the ultimate in flexibility and choice for your upcoming party.


We believe that there is nothing better than getting an exceptional quality service at an affordable price. We are happy to discuss your budget and come up with a hassle-free solution. We pride ourselves in providing our customers a good bespoke service, suiting the needs for small or large parties.


As Santa’s Little Helper, we want to make sure you and your team have the best time this year, so why not give them the best Christmas present ever? Book our Christmas mobile bar and gift them an experience they’ll never forget. Feel free to contact us today and request a free, no obligation quote. Now let’s raise a glass to celebrate all the achievements your team has accomplished this year!

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